Promises….. Promises……

Miss Char Char in her sweater - My Sweetie Girl 

I know I promised to share pics of some of my work but I  wasn’t yet able to transfer the pics onto here.  I was at hospital all nite with 16 yr old daughter.  She was in such pain.   They took a CAT and an ovarian cyst was found.  I have to now make sure she is checked out and further investigate all of this.   Thank goodness I have my knitting to take along while waiting.  I would be soooo bored.  I think I have finally figured out this picture stuff – got a picture in my blog.  As you can see I have used my girlie Charlie who is 3 yrs old.  She is sitting next to me xmas day with her babydoll santa brought her.  Cute huh?  As you can see I am an avid animal lover.   I am gonna publish this now and see if it comes up ok to view…..Whewwww…..  This was tedious.. hehe

Now I can get my projects together and share with you all when I am working on them.  Makes me feel like a member of a big family now!

Have a great Wednesday evening…..  I think I shall go and knit some…….



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3 Responses to “Promises….. Promises……”

  1. Andres P. Nevarez Says:

    Hey Carole, very cute dog. What you saw in my video was a Yarn Guide, it is used for two to four strands of yarn when doing crochet or colorstranding knitting. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Andres P. Nevarez Says:

    I thought Ileft a commnet, but if it is a duplicate I apologize, lol! That red thingy is a yarn guide for color stranding or two or more strands of yarn when you do crochet or knit.

  3. maurice Says:

    hi carole,
    hope your daughter is much better! How do i see or find out about all these soaps you make too?

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