Take Care of Your Skin You’re In….

May 7, 2010

I am having coffee this morning and being in the “All Natural Bath and Body” business read often… You can never research enough in this area! 

I use AOL for my email and on the front is an article for “ADVICE & TRENDS” page…  the article is called “The Ten Commandments” ….

Number II on the list is “Thou Shall Never Be Shiny Again”….     Here it is so read for yourself below!

“Thou shalt use hairspray to lengthen the life of foundation. If your foundation tends to wear off before you’ve stepped out of the house, try lightly spritzing hairspray onto your face before applying. Hair isn’t the only thing hairspray keeps in place, hairspray is perfect for keeping foundation from wearing off.” — Brittany Chojnowski (Cleveland, OH)  

Please tell me that no one is doing this!!  I can not believe that you would put those chemicals all over your delicate facial skin…   I really am shocked at this!

First off you are putting foundation or powder on your face which has pores… these pores need to breath…  this skin is alive and grows and breaths!!    This is not plastic or saran wrap here you are covering!!  Also, with the hairspray being used as a wetter (with chemicals)  do you realize how this is active as cork blockers to your pores???   What insanity here!!

Now let me get you the information of the chemicals you are spraying all over your face!!  Read below:    <sigh>     (Wikipedia – Hair Spray)

One of the polymers used is polyvinylpyrrolidone, which is also used to glue the layers of wood in plywood together. A non-water soluble polymer called polydimethylsiloxane is added to make the hold last a bit longer (the polyvinylpyrrolidine is water soluble). Pytocalcious chemicals are another family of ingredients in hair spray, which increase the amount of minerals in the hair’s root causing the hair to become stiff.

Other polymers used in plastic-based hairsprays are copolymers with vinyl acetate and copolymers with maleic anhydride.

Some hair sprays use natural polymers and solvents like vegetable gums dissolved in alcohol. One popular ingedient is gum arabic is made from the sap of certain trees that grow in the Sudan. Gum tragacanth is another herbal gum that is used to stiffen calico and crepe, as well as hair.

Japanese scientists have recently found strains of bacteria, Microbacterium hatanonis, that have evolved to live in hair spray.

Now I ask you do you really want this stuff sprayed on your face!!     Please tell me you won’t do this!!     I have been researching for a while now the most natural of oils to use on mature skin for night serum and to see this article just astounded me!  

If you want fresh natural looking skin..  a gentle all natural goats milk soap, witch hazel for toner where needed on face, all natural of course and then a very light moisture for your skin that is alive and growing new cells all the time….

Do you want your skin to look like a monster’s when you are in your 50’s or 60’s?    What a shame…   Now think about it …  if your skin ages faster if you smoke, drink heavy or do not use sun screen how do you think it will look if it is sprayed every day with hair spray!  EEEEEKKKK……

Now for the zinger here!!   Read below….    (from Wikipedia – Hair Spray) 

Hair spray is extremely flammable, more so before it is dry. The result of ignition is moderate to serious burns to the hair, head and upper torso, sometimes resulting in death.

Well I sure hope that those of you that do try to spray your skin with hairspray –  don’t smoke…..  

Carole Kenna-Nelms
CKN Soaps & Sundries



Rainy Day Reading …….

May 14, 2008

Today is Thursday, May 15th and another cloudy day with possible rain showing its ugly head… however, the upside to all this is the reading I can do. I have started Maggie Righetti’s book

Sweater Design in Plain English

I am on page 95 and still have not read anything that I did not already know. Perhaps due to my dressmaking days and sewing this knowlege has already been learnt. Now in all fairness to Ms. Rigetti the majority of information I learned was self taught and I have been knitting since I was 20 yrs of age. So, I am not a newbie at this. I will write more on this as I read on and get more into the meat of the book. I am hoping to learn something new and exciting that I don’t already know about design work. Her style of teaching is excellent though. For someone who wants to learn more about knitting will enjoy reading her informative book.

I have been working on my summer sweater and it looks so airy and comfy. I hope it hangs nice on me. I won’t know that until I finish it and try it on. It is with the spumoni colour of “Twist” yarn. I will make sure I take pictures and model this for everyone.

This design is one of my choosing and I am playing with the YO – K2tog on the front. The rest of the sweater is done in a garter stitch.

I am dieting and have lost 20 lbs. already. I am feeling really well and take a vitamin every day to make up for the major decrease in nutrients. The knitting helps me so much because I am not thinking of snacking. I am more involved with my designs then while I enjoy keeping busy.

I have a job interview next week for nursing at the local VA Medical Center. I hope to make a difference taking care of our veterans back from the war. I have not decided if I am going on for more certifications for hospice nursing. The VA Medical Center has super benefits and is very close to where I live.

Sunday Fare and An Easy Meal …………………………..

April 22, 2008

I always try to get a B1G1F meat when I can. On Sunday I used my extra London Broil and it turned out fabulous. How easy is this and its an old fashioned one pot meal ! So here is the recipe that only took me 15 min to throw together.

  • Beef Round Steak/London Broil – 3 to 4 lbs.
  • one jar of gravy
  • 3 stalks of celery with tops – diced
  • 1 onion or 2 scallions – diced
  • 2 cloves of garlic – minced
  • 2 bay leaves + 2 tsp. chopped rosemary or 1 tsp. ground rosemary
  • small bag of baby carrots
  • 4 large potatoes – cut in 2″ cubes – scrubbed + unpeeled

    First, I like to poke thru the meat several times, evenly, all over with the tip of a sharp knife, doing both sides. I feel that this gets more moisture through the meat for even cooking as well as helping to flavour it.

    Sautee the onion and celery with PAM cooking spray in a roasting pan and then add the garlic, bay leaves, spices and jar of gravy. Lay the steak on top of the ingredients and then top with the large cut potatoes and baby carrots. Sprinkle with celery salt and pepper to taste. Cover tightly with aluminum foil.

    Bake in oven at 350 degress for 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

    This was a wonderful meal. Enjoy!

    Here is a neat picture of a place called “London Broil Tavern” in England I found while surfing about London Broil. {wink}

  • Promises….. Promises……

    April 16, 2008

    Miss Char Char in her sweater - My Sweetie Girl 

    I know I promised to share pics of some of my work but I  wasn’t yet able to transfer the pics onto here.  I was at hospital all nite with 16 yr old daughter.  She was in such pain.   They took a CAT and an ovarian cyst was found.  I have to now make sure she is checked out and further investigate all of this.   Thank goodness I have my knitting to take along while waiting.  I would be soooo bored.  I think I have finally figured out this picture stuff – got a picture in my blog.  As you can see I have used my girlie Charlie who is 3 yrs old.  She is sitting next to me xmas day with her babydoll santa brought her.  Cute huh?  As you can see I am an avid animal lover.   I am gonna publish this now and see if it comes up ok to view…..Whewwww…..  This was tedious.. hehe

    Now I can get my projects together and share with you all when I am working on them.  Makes me feel like a member of a big family now!

    Have a great Wednesday evening…..  I think I shall go and knit some…….


    Colinette yarn project……….

    April 15, 2008

    Well, my first blog and I am luvin it!  I have been reading wonderful posts that are done by talented knitters and I wanted to share also on the web.  I have no clue how this will go but I sure will enjoy doing it.  I am working as a nurse currently so will do this in my off  hours when I am not working but knitting. 

    I am working on a short sleeved sweater and have the back almost done.  It is a Colinette yarn that is 100% wool, handspun and hand dyed.  I am working on size 12 mm needles.  The yarn comes from Wales- the tag says. It is so neat as it is a bulky yarn twist and goes very very thin.   I have had this wool for 6 years and decided it was time to make up the sweater design.  I will post pics on here when I learn how to get them on.  I am just experimenting at this point.  

    I am currently a frequent flyer on www.KnittingDaily.com which is hosted by Interweave Knits and enjoying every  minute.  Come on over and see what all the fun is about.

    Guess I had better get some knitting done now…………..